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Corporate flight department training

Team Training

Our Private aviation course is 30 years experience in one week to give your team the competitive edge and knowledge to maintain your corporate standards. Here are just a few basics of what your team can expect to learn in our 40 Hour course or customization for your needs.


Aircraft Sourcing

Aircraft types

Aircraft Performance

Customer Service 

Charter Sales

Customer Service

Trip Planning 

Proactive Thought process


WX Solutions

Communications between departments.

Online Resources

Federal Aviation Regulations

Aviation lingo & acronyms

We offer customized training solutions for your flight department. Is your flight department profitable and running efficiently? Are processes in place for communication. We offer a customized training solution for new or existing flight departments in charter sales, flight coordination and inter-department communications. We all know how stressful our business can be, but with the right processes in place you can reduce that stress level and keep happy employees and customers!