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Job postings and opportunities


Raleigh NC position open for a charter sales rep for a growing charter company.

New charter company is looking for a qualified charter sales rep in the RDU area. 

NY/ NJ Job opportunities.

February 2020 posting - Positions at TEB airport for client services .  Big co with great potential - Night Shift to start 

South FL opportunities.

Several positions open in South FL in Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.  2 Charter sales positions and one flight coordination at Ft. Lauderdale

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AEA assists companies in recruitment throughout the country .  If you are a company looking for new talent reach out to us so we can find the right fit for your organization.  If you are a student we will introduce you to a nationwide job placement co.  that can assist with opportunities in the industry.

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Job opportunities would include Charter Sales, Flight Coordination and Customer Service rolls within our industry.

Charter Sales

There are several different type of roles for charter sales and will explain the differences below​.

Inside charter sales for a flight department or brokerage​. 

This type of position is within a flight department and handling all incoming calls for charter requests either from the end user, brokerage or other flight department. It is not a typical 9-5 job as incoming calls need to be answered 24-7 so most likely you would work your scheduled hours with the possibility of being on call when you leave the office. It depends on how large the flight department is as if it is a large one there will be employees scheduled around the clock. The smaller flight departments will most likely have an on call schedule for the team. You will answer all incoming requests, check for aircraft availability and send out quotes to the clients. If the trip books you will then schedule it on the aircraft that you quoted. In some instances depending on the flight department and how the owner sets up his management agreement you may have to go for owner approval prior to booking the aircraft. Must be able to multi task and handle constant changes to the schedule and be extremely detail oriented. This role may be great for someone who likes sales but does not have the drive needed to consistently bring in new business. This role is vital to a flight department though and you must have good people skills and know how to think outside the box. You will need excellent phone etiquette and a good communicator both written and oral. 

Salary is based on experience and many of the companies will also offer a commission structure usually to the entire team. 

Outside Charter sales representatives - Retail 

This type of role in the industry can be with several type of companies ie charter management, brokerage, jetcard, fractional etc. Basically any company that employs to generate business for the retail end user. This type of role is a hit the pavement, research and find opportunities, network, cold calling excellent phone skills and customer service. Follow up and excellent negotiating and prospecting skills. Foster and develop relationships with clients and industry personnel. With many brokerages this could be an work from home position and may not include a salary but a commission structure although there are many companies that hire and offer a smaller base salary plus commission. You need to be able to speak with c level clients and attend high networth events and be highly motivated closer. Follow up with clients upon completion of a booked charter to insure high level of customer service. This role is with minimum supervision so you must have a desire to succeed. Consistently work on your pipeline for future lead generation. 

Flight Coordination - Dispatch

The flight coordination role is the center of a flight department and all communications are processed through this team. This could be an entry level position that leads to management roles for the right person. The essential duties of the flight coordinator are as follows but not limited to each assigned duty. 

  •  Must be detail oriented  
  •  Thinking outside the box  
  •  Constant changes can not stress you out as it is part of the job so you  must be able to handle with ease weather issues, crew concerns,  diversions etc.  
  • Assign flight crew  
  • Check that trip meets all 135 regulations  
  • Flight follow  
  • Order catering, ground transportation, crew hotels and any other logistical  needs. Remember you are dealing with VIP clients so attention to detail is  critical.  
  • Must have good computer skills and scheduling software, Office 365.  
  • Work with flight crew on logistical needs.  
  • Must be able to communicate and interact effectively with the entire team.  
  • Knowledge of aircraft types and limitations.  
  • Ability to plan and prioritize your workload and excellent multi-tasking  abilities.  
  • Excellent customer service skills with clients and a can do attitude.  

This role is a great opportunity for anyone that likes to work on logistics and work together as a team as this is not just a stand alone position.  Salary can start anywhere from $35,000 to $55,000 per year depending on demographics and experience.

FBO (Fixed Base Operator) Customer service representatives

The customer service representative is the face of the FBO and where all communications go through. It is imperative that you have an upbeat and pleasant personality in addition to a can do attitude. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is new to the industry and a quick learner. Below are just some of the duties and functions of a CSR:  Deliver a proactive attitude as this is an extremely personalized experience for clients and flight crew. YOU are the face of the company and must present excellent customer service skills.  You will work closely with the line service to deliver expectations and orders from flight crew ie fuel load, passenger transportation, inbound calls from the flight crew. Crew Hotels and transportation. Excellent written and communication skills. This is a fast paced team environment and you must work well as a team.  Multi-tasking is extremely important as you may be asked to do several things at once and you must know how to prioritize your work load. Processing customer invoices and payments.  Resolving issues that arise and being pro-active vs. reactive.    

A Note From Our President

I personally started as a flight attendant 30 years ago and worked in other roles such as line service, CSR, charter operations and management and onto VP roles for several companies. It is all about how hard you want to work and strive for bigger roles within our industry. The sky is the limit for you and look forward to seeing you succeed! 

~ Deb Higgins President  Aero Education Academy