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At the AEA, we are ready to leverage our 30 years of  expertise in the private aviation industry to provide you with practical training you need to start your career in this exciting industry! It's your time to soar!

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Targeted Training, Better Results = Opportunity

At the Aero Education Academy, we prepare you for your career in the private aviation industry. From customer service, to private charter sales and flight coordination we offer targeted and relevant training to help you stand out in the application process.

Building the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP)

It has been recognized by the international aviation community that there will be a shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the near future.  

This is the perfect time to start a career in aviation!


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AEA offers customized and targeted training courses to help your team stand out in our industry.

Deb is our lead instructor and President of AEA.  30 years in the biz!

Experience: The Aero Education Academy Difference

Debbie Higgins - President

Debbie started her career in aviation in 1988 as a flight attendant for a 121 operation. From the moment she stepped on an aircraft she knew this was the career for her. She excelled at the company and was promoted to Chief Flight Attendant and Sales Manager for the company over the course of 12 years.

With her knack for sales and customer service in the field she then went on to Management roles  and VP of Sales for several flight departments in South Florida and the NY area. Deb was an integral part of growth for each company. 

Debbie  is passionate about aviation and you will take away so much from her many years in the industry. She is looking forward to mentoring the next generation of aviation professionals.  



Greg Himoff

 "Deb has a passion for aviation and many years of experience in aircraft management, charter sales, dispatch and operations. You couldn't ask for a better mentor in our industry!" 

Brian O'Hearn

 "Exceptional instructor and awesome class"!  

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